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A lot of things are at a standstill – many Swiss trains, buses, mountain railways and boats are no exception. Hope for better times ahead, when travelling will be possible again, keep our motivation alive.

In the following, we are summarising sources of the most current information about restrictions in Swiss public transport and the links where we will keep you informed about the going back into operation of public transportation relevant to tourism – which will hopefully happen shortly.

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Restrictions in Swiss public transport:
Here are your sources of information.

Here, you will find a summary of suspended train services and limited operations of public transport relevant to touristic activities as well as information relevant to Travel Trade (cancellations, invoicing, etc.):

2. As usual, a detailed list of all current limitations and suspensions can be found here:
> Live railway traffic information

3. The SBB online timetable details all cancellations and delays live for all public transport connections:
> SBB online timetable

4. Of course, you may contact your market manager directly for personal support:
> Overview team


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